Monica is the Founder of Learn By Design. While growing up, Monica's parents encouraged her to always seek the highest level of education and to experience as much of life as she could. She earned her Masters degree in Switzerland and is working on her Ph.D. By the time she reached the age of 33, she has lived in seven different countries and has explored close to 90 countries and territories.

Her agency's focus is on making education affordable and accessible. The flagship product is an online school that teaches entrepreneurs how to build online educational programs. Learn By Design also works with startups to design mobile learning applications.

Monica and her sister Mavis are the Founders of the Gragg Family Fund. After the loss of their parents in 2012, the fund was created to keep their legacy alive and provide access to higher education and travel. They recently expanded their outreach by creating Black Women Drone, a movement that encourages Black women and girls to become certified drone pilots.

In her spare time, Monica is a Strongman Athlete, ranking 9th in the nation and competed in the 2017 Arnold's Classic.